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2003-12-25 - 12:04 a.m.

Cos honestly, I am too lazy to do a proper entry, so...

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope that you get the gifts you want, and if not, may you have a gift receipt so taking it back won't be a hassle. May your family be a source of cheer and warm memories, and if you find yourself being driven to drink, just exercise good judgement, (i.e., no Michael Bolton singing Christmas songs imitation). Try not to resent your rug rat waking you up at 5:00 am to open Christmas presents, after you put in a late night of wrapping gifts from Santa to said rug rat, if not from assembling that so called "easy to assemble" toy, or from the booze intake from trying to cope with the frustration of assembling said toy. (Read above advice.) Stuff yourself silly with food that is fattening because New Years is just a week away, which means you resurrect the diet resolution. (In my case again and again and again...). This is the season of peace, so please try not to throttle that family member, coworker, or friend who just knows how to push those buttons. Remember, insanity is a difficult plea to prove. (Not that I am a lawyer or anything...)

Seriously though, I hope you all have a Joyous Christmas Day surrounded by love and good cheer, and keep a little of that warmth for the rest of the year.

Suzanne, Kay: Thanks for being true blue pals this year. I am so very grateful for your friendship and all you have done for me. Many blessings for you both in '04.

Khai, not sure if you read this diary, but thanks for the book and the toy :) Totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays y'all :)

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